How we got here?

Why patch-22?

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Much like the rest of the world, 2020 started pretty normally for me. I was working as a freelance production manager, starting to get into the detail of projects for the Brighton Festival. Plus I had a conference or two in the pipeline and things were looking ok. 

Then COVID-19 arrived and changed the World.

Live events and theatre are not going to be returning to 'normal' any time soon so it was time to look elsewhere for something to do.

A chance encounter with a stranger in Brighton started a train of thought that has let to me setting up patch-22. 

Some years ago I added some iron-on patches to some army surplus overalls to make a Space Pirate costume for a fancy dress party. I wore it into Brighton one day - my 7 year old daughter wanted to go into town in fancy dress, and a stranger complimented me on it and asked if I'd made it myself. This set off a train of thought that maybe I could customise clothing with patches and sell them. So this is my long term aim: to create and sell clothing customised with iron-on patches. 

I am working on some designs but in the meantime I offer iron-on patches to you so you could get creative with your own clothes and create exciting and unique designs.