About Us

Let me take you back to a day in early September 2020. My daughter was going back to school the following day and we were off for one final Hurrah of the summer holidays. We were going to the Sea Life Centre. Not only that, we were going to be wearing fancy dress!

My daughter was all sorted. She’d perused her options and decided she was going to look at fish dressed as a Celtic Warrior. I too had looked at my option and would be accompanying her dressed as a Space Pirate. I use this title rather loosely, and with a hefty dose of exaggeration, to describe an outfit I made for a space themed family birthday party a few years ago.

None of this is really relevant to why I am sat here, trying to write this little biog on how patch-22 came to be. The relevant bit was a compliment about my outfit that I received from a stranger as we walked through town that day.

That conversation rolled around my brain for a little while afterwards. My usual work in live events had disappeared pretty much overnight due to COVID-19. Schools were reopening again so I could hang up my home schooling gown and mortar board. I would have time on my hands.

Could I really start a business selling iron on patches and clothing or accessories embellished with patches?

Well, let’s see shall we…